Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yep, That's It

The pile of recently ordered tatting I was working on shrank up nicely yesterday. I even began on the new cuff to match the neck corsets when something unexpected happened. It was just before noon and the door bell rang. It was fed ex with my supplies. Perhaps it was the universe trying to make me look like a liar after yesterdays delivery rant, but hey, I'll take it.

I had ordered up some sterling silver beads, little 2mm ones. I was afraid that they were going to be too big or heavy, but after just one motif with the two small beads dotting the top, I'm convinced it was the right call. Since that was all I accomplished, I did not snap any photos of it. I should get enough done today to show off for tomorrow though. The tear drop shaped beads I got for the tips are equally light so they should work swimmingly as well, though they have sealed jump rings so I might have to get creative in the actual placement of them. I think I've already sussed it out though.

Working on the orders yesterday kept me pretty busy, so I was far less social than usual and as a result have far less to talk about today. One other shocking moment was mid afternoon when I finally realized that if I was going to send off my headband, I was going to need to write down the pattern. I didn't have time to get another made up before I shipped this one out, so I wrote it down. It really is a pain in the neck, but I'm certain that I will thank myself later this week when I do have time to get it made.

So that's it then. No pictures, nothing groundbreaking to share, just another day...just another day.

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Sewicked said...

Hey, don't diss another day. Sometimes that's an outright relief after drama and earthquakes. (today's captcha made me laugh, 'disatizz', as in disatisfaction?)