Thursday, March 18, 2010

And The Winner Is

While not a single person took advantage of the one day sale, I was impressed by all the new and familiar faces in the comment stream. Thank you so very much for all the kind words and well wishes. However, only one person can win the necklace and that person is:

Blogger Xrated said...

Happy 2nd birthday! your creations are incredibly lovely and i adore following you on twitter! - Love Buddha

March 17, 2010 12:17 PM

Thanks again for all of your entries and stay tuned for whatever I do next month for my 4 year etsy anniversary as I'm certain to do something. If you didn't win the necklace and you were hankering for it, check out the shop today as I will be listing the second one I made and remember it will not live again at least not in the same way.
Aside from prodding people to enter the giveaway, I was hard at work on the new collar design. First I finished up the two sides that were giving me grieve. Of course the solution was as simple as could be. A set of rings and chains that matched the split ring sets on either side. These will provide the spaces to lace the piece up the back. It only took another chain to attach it fairly seamlessly to the necklace portion.

Next up was the hard part though. The webbing between the points. My first idea was to use a similar technique to AnneB's dragon wing. While the technique makes a fabulous dragon wing, it did not translate well to my uses. I didn't even hide and cut off the thread ends to look at the piece, I was so certain that this was not going to work. I laid that sucker on the mannequin and shook my head before snipping the section out.

Turns out I was over thinking it. I kept imagining the perfect little arches and I should have known that stretched to that sort of length tatted chains just don't hold up well. Instead I tried to find a motif within the design to mirror in the space and a simple flipped clover did the trick. I just added a fourth ring to the bottom to give it a more finished look and there it was. Of course it was creating a bit of a ruffle as I tatted, but I had faith that it would lay properly. Before I finished adding all the clovers, placed on the mannequin, it was clear the design was done. I finished adding the tatting last night and today, I will dress appropriately to try it on myself and begin the task of sussing out the proper embellishments and placement. Since the final piece is destined for a photo shoot, it should really have a bit o' bling.

Well, that's it for me today. I'll work on the collar today, though I think I might need to go shopping for the right embellishments for this piece before I get to the final one. I've got plenty of remaking I can do as I have been lazily relisting pieces that were sold as customs. You know how much I don't like doing that. So, I'm off and thanks again for all the entries yesterday!


Katherinne McKay said...

Well darn! I was hoping I could win! congrats to Xrated! I'm sure they'll love the necklace!

Your collar is coming along great! I can't wait to see what it looks like with all the bling! ^^

Candy said...

Congrats to Xrated and Congrats again on your 2 year blog-versary!!

The new collar is looking fabulous!

Xrated said...

^^im sure i will too. i have been drooling over her work since groupieglam introduced it to me!!