Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, Would You Look At That

Apparently I wrote a bit too soon yesterday as almost immediately after I published yesterdays blog post I got a nice email from a French customer who had just received her order. She had taken the time to scan an article in a local magazine and sent it to me. Why? Because that's where she found me in the first place.

It's the same basic write up that I've been seeing in other fashion blogs since one of my facebook fans mentioned my work on a fashion networking site, but this one is in print. I mentioned it yesterday and wondered if this is what has actually been shared with me, what else might there be out there that I don't know about. It's actually quite a lovely thought. So thank you again to both the fan and the customer. This sort of this is a day maker!

I was slow going on the embellished collar though. My oldest daughter has come down with something,but since I home school this only means that I need to have more patience with her as we work. Also trying to keep her in rest mode is nigh on impossible as nothing is really different. All that being said I did get all the spine motifs worked up and I adore working with the sterling beads. I thought they would be just like seed beads, but the shine and the feel of them, they really have a different look. I have gotten further and started adding them to the first row of the necklace portion, but alas the light was gone by that point in the evening so no pictures.

The one thing that brings me down about a large project like this is the lack of instant gratification. I had really gotten used to making pieces up that were finished quickly, that I could get pictures of and list the same day.To that end, I often take small breaks during the large projects to do something completely different. Yesterday it was bust out with the spring colored threads and make something with a Celtic edge. This is actually a piece I've made before in a different color combination that is currently in a secret location awaiting revealing. I'll be adding a bead to the center today and I might get it listed so you can see what it actually is besides ridiculously colorful. They are all the hand dyed threads that I got from Heather. Perhaps together they are overkill, but I needed to make something to take the edge off of all the black. Odd, since I love working in black...maybe it's the weather messing with me. I might make another of these in a different color blend, perhaps purples when I need another break today and here's hoping I don't catch whatever he child has, even though it is probably inevitable.

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MAB Jewelry said...

That is wonderful! Your fans span the globe.