Monday, March 22, 2010


Aaaarrrrggghhh, everything hurts...stupid Spring, making me do yard work. We chose an outdoor adventure for the weekend. Saturday was a trip to Lowe's where we got plants and bits and bobs for the yard, a picnic in the park, trip to the zoo and a walk downtown to the comic book store and the bakery. It was lovely...then the kids took a nap and when they awoke we went into the yard. We planted and pulled weeds and errant grass in the flower beds. After the children became irreversibly muddy, we headed in for the day only to return outside Sunday morning, to move trees and continue the grass pulling and weeding. We have a huge front yard since we live on an odd lot. My fingers are sore, my back is sore...every bit is sore, but it's done for now.

As you might imagine all of this outside time precluded any real tatting progress on the weekend. Lucky for me, Friday was a sit on the couch and work sort of day. I made up 5 different cameo pieces and have listed all but one. I also finished up a second neck corset/collar piece. I of course got no pictures of that yet. I actually used the same pattern for the neck section, but changed out the bottom edge. I used the same basic edge as one of my other collar necklaces, the Victorious one, but again I had to fiddle with the pattern to make it fit. This one is slightly less grand, maybe a little more wearable though.

I should be getting my supplies in to make the embellished version of the first collar on Tuesday. I also got a mask order over the weekend that I need to get made up, but after that I have an idea to match a cuff that matches the neck corsets and eventually I want to see if I can further adapt the idea to an ankle corset. So that's the plan for the next few days, hopefully, I'll get some pictures of the new neck corset to show you tomorrow and more hopefully, I'll be able to move at normal speed later.


Tatfully Yours said...

Well, now that you are a pro at yard work you can come up and do mine!!lol We are still a few weeks away from yard work, so rest up. Our yard is only 1/2 acre.

原諒 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot