Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Tired

I have to say, I've just had one adventurous weekend. Friday had us driving up to the mountain town of Mariposa for much of the day as a field trip to a rock and gem museum. I saw the world's largest gold crystal formation and met the gem of my dreams called Benitoite. There was just a touch of tatting for me at the end of the day. They Saturday dawned with walks through the neighborhood, trips to the comic book shop. The day closed with a viewing of Alice in Wonderland. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish to have in my possession most of Alice's wardrobe, really badly. There was again just a touch of tatting in the evening. Then Sunday rolled up and my husband had to leave very early to a conference from which he will not be returning for a few days. So, if it is possible Sunday was much busier than the other two as my children who have lately become rather combative with each other battled and missed Daddy. I did however get a little more tatting done thanks to the wonder that is nap time.

This is a peek at the first of two custom necklaces that I had been talking about recently. The custom pieces have made it to their home so I started on new ones for the shop. They were made to match each other by using the same point motif on both, but this one is the simpler choker version. I still need to add the hardware and press the piece before I can even get proper photos for a listing. I did also start on the larger necklace, but given my single parent status for the next few days, I'm not sure how quickly anything new will get done.

Due to a couple of new facebook fans who recommended my fan page to all their friends, my numbers there have been growing quite steadily over the last week. I am pulling a winner for the 400 fan giveaway this morning and I have already broken 525, so I'm definitely not doing another giveaway there for fan numbers at least for quite some time. I think I will start some sort of fan discount soon though, just as an incentive for them to keep hanging around and recommending my work to friends. My secret project is also coming along well, but I think I'm still a couple of months from revealing that one. Well, the children are not letting me get any more done here so I'm off.

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