Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tatted Mask

I've got something new for you...yay! I finished up a batch of stuff for my secret project, put the finishing touches on the custom order and then, I designed a new mask. Yes, this is the one that I envisioned while have asleep. It it not nearly as cool as I imagined it, but I think my mind had removed reality in relation to tatting and in my imaginings it was defining gravity and basic construction rules. I am however quite pleased with the toned down, but functional version you see still a bit unfinished here.

This go around I used split rings as I think I mentioned was my intent. They are worked and tied directly onto the wire. This makes the whole thing a bit smaller as previous incarnations only attached to the wire via picot. So this mask might be called a small. While a bigger version is certainly possible, this one fits me fine and there is an added benefit to the mask I hadn't fits onto glasses. All one would need to do is tie the ribbon directly to the corner of the glasses and though it would have a different finished look from the on the face placement, it works. Yes, it will look like you put a mask over glasses, but you really can't avoid that altogether.
I have a bit of finishing work to do, it will need a photo shoot and a name, then I'll get it listed. Aside from being a bit fiddly working around the wire, the design works up quickly. It's basically two rows and some extra split rings and of course the time consuming wrapping of the wire.

I mentioned to my facebook fans that I was going to do a giveaway with every hundred followers I got. As I got close to 400, I made the announcement that one was coming and a fan invited her entire network to join. I'm certain she annoyed a few of them, but quite a few of them apparently decided to join. I don't know how many will stick around after they gather that all I do is make lace, but they're here and I will be putting up the newest giveaway later this morning. So if that's your bag, stop by later and enter. I will be giving away a Salome's Adornment anklet...which of course means I need to make another very soon. The giveaway will run until Monday to give everyone a chance to throw their hat into the ring.

Hopefully I'll get to most of my tasks today, but I'm still feeling a bit rundown after the cold that never ended. Okay, yes, it ended, but I am certainly having an issue getting my energy back and it's made me whiny. The taxes aren't helping brain hurts and I'm all stressed out. This year I vow better records and a trip to an accountant, so they can stress out instead of me. Seriously, if they want my money so bad, they really should make this easier to do. I'm glad to pay them really, but I don't want to get a finance degree just to do it...just sayin'. Enough of that, I'm off and hopefully I'll have more pretty fro you tomorrow.


Sewicked said...

Some colleges offer free tax help. It might be worth what you pay for it, but it also might be helpful.

AJ said...

LOVE the new mask!