Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Les Grands Arcs

Alright, day two of fake single parenting. Most dramatic change is how much I need to squeeze into the magic nap hours just to feel like I got anything done, you know, for me. Between the hours of 2 and 4, I worked with mad fingers to finish the other necklace I was working on. I even managed to find a new sweet spot in the house for light to take pictures. This piece was based on a doily from a vintage book titled, Starlight Doily. I believe I talked a bit about how I needed to work the edge portion without the middle just the way written. Then I had to rip away an entire row and then designed my own top row. Then I rewrote two points to be smaller than the three front points.

This one sits a little lower on the neck than my other collar pieces, so it's even more comfortable. It does require a large space to live on your chest though. I think this might spawn a set of ankle corsets as well, but it will require even more modifications to make that work as well. I did get this one listed and pictures of the other choker taken to be listed later today. I try to space out new stuff a bit, so I can take a break later.

I got a really nice little email yesterday telling me that I inspired them to start tatting and she had posted a short piece on that in her blog. I also got an order for a brides jewelry, barefoot sandals, slave bracelets and a necklace. These sort of things are so wonderful to me. I mean, to be a tiny part of someones wedding is really special. Sure, I wasn't a tatter when I got married, so I bought my jewelry at the mall. Even still, I have those cheap pieces of jewelry in a special box and they are in all of my pictures of course. After I announced that order on twitter with a similar sentiment that it made me feel special, I was further honored with quite a few messages informing me that they too planned to use my pieces in their weddings. Wow. So thank you everyone for making me feel all warm and fuzzy all over.

So, I have wedding pieces to finish and a few other pieces to make all while playing single parent. Yeah, I might not get much done. I love my kids, but man are they getting combative. Off I go then.

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