Monday, March 29, 2010

For Your Neck & Wrist

I wish I could, in good conscious, begin today's post with a happy Monday sentiment, but I can not. During the weekend the household cold/illness worked it's way through the remaining members in good health taking down the youngest on Saturday. Me, it took the longest to overcome. I started with a slightly irritated throat and a rare cough...I thought I had escaped the worst of it, but no. This morning I awake to a sensation that could only be something dead in my throat, an overwhelming malaise and a host of other symptoms. The world does not stop for me though, I must keep on moving...I do not however, have to like it.

I owe you some pictures it seems. I finished up the embellished neck corset. I know my picture skills leave a bit to be desired, but for this piece there is good news. It was created as basically a photo prop, which you might have guessed means I shall be sending it off to a real photographer in the near future. I should get the neck corset back with amazing pictures that do the work justice after that. So you will not see this sitting in the shop any time soon though the unembellished version may eventually end up there.

Next up we have the wrist corset. Yes, I know I might be taking the whole corset description a little far, but it laces up the back too, so I'm keeping it. I had planned to try this look out ages ago when I made my first neck corset that was made of just the spine motifs. The spacing was never quite right, but with the new versions and their split ring sections, it worked perfectly. I added the victorious edging to this one to match the other neck corset I recently made. They too have a date with an entirely different photographer. I am going to try and get a few more of these wrist corsets made up though, because they went over so well on the facebook fan page.

Now, I am perfectly certain that I am forgetting to tell you something this morning, but the illness is winning and everything is a bit of a fog. You can of course remind me if I promised you any updates that I have not delivered. Yes, I'm sure I could go back and read Friday's post to reveal that information myself, but that kind of sounds like work. I can't imagine that today is going to be a whirlwind of activity, but I will try to get some tatting accomplished. Please forgive me if tomorrows post is simply full of random nothingness though.


Sewicked said...

You know, of course, that the 'threat' of random nothingness tempts me to type 'nothing' over & over in different fonts. But then I am widely known as a smart a...leck.

Sharon said...

You could call the wrist corset, a gaunlet.

Unknown said...

very cool, although when I first read it was hoping it was something to relieve pain, LOL! :)
~TattingChic ♥

Imoshen said...

The beads you've added on the neck corset really make it sparkle. Beautiful.. The wrist one is nice as well, I like the look of the spine.