Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ah, Memories

When I first started blogging it was for one reason alone, because the etsy forums told me to. That's right...in the beginning I spent most of my spare time in the forums, taking advice, giving advice, wasting precious time and amassing a head full of unexpressed opinions. When I started the blog, I let them out, the opinions, in a long stream of crazy. Well, the opinions weren't necessarily crazy, the stream of them however was. I bring this up because I got a comment on an older post yesterday and that prompted me to read that post. It's from July '08 and I of course remembered it only as I read it. I was defending the art of keeping some information to yourself regarding selling crafts. The extra funny is that reading it now I see all sorts of fortune telling in it. I spoke of wanting to get more tatters, but being glad there weren't so many that I worried of being copied. Seriously, if you follow my rantings, go read Proprietary and laugh a bit at it all. It was a time before this was my business and livelihood, a time before I had been copied and most laughable a time before I had done some of the very things that I warned against doing. Apparently the lesson was forgotten after I wrote it all down. Of course now that I have read it again, I am reminded, so maybe I needed that rant to come back. Who knows...it's still funny given what has happened since.

Again, I fear I have come to you with no tatting to bear. I finished a mask and began on some more of the secret project pieces. I have the two custom necklaces to get the hardware on today and after they have arrived at their new owners home, I can reveal both of them. I did however have a tatting dream. Okay, maybe not a whole dream, but in the twilight before waking I imagined a new mask pattern. What? It happens. This one will be a split ring design which is a bit ironic given how annoyed I get at split rings...always re threading the needle and whatnot. Anyway, it will be made in a split ring design in the vein of this necklace and I think I worked most of the particulars out whilst lying in bed. Of course it could all fall apart with the thread and wire in my hand, but them's the breaks.

I'll probably give it a go later today. I should also really order supplies soon. I am horrible at keeping crystals and whatnot stocked. Heck, I just ordered business cards once I was down to like a dozen. Lucky for me they came in time. Now, I'm back to thinking about myself before this was all a business venture. Oh, how the mind set has changed. I mean, I still tat and even design because I love too, but now I need the sales and I stress the competition. What a difference that license makes. I should have gotten it right from the start, legally of course, but I guess I am glad I worked up to this. I couldn't imagine jumping in feet first and trying to be at this level...would have drowned I'm sure...would have drowned. Well, back to the tatting then.

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