Friday, March 19, 2010

The Collar Prototype

I suppose I was overall quite pleased with the new collar/neck piece/throat corset, whatever. Then I put it, now I'm impressed with myself. Ego aside for a moment, it lays perfectly, fits well and since I am on the small side, it's worth noting that it should fit anyone so long as they're not smaller than me. Lacing it up worked just fine and yes, though it's just cotton lace it seem to have quite the posture collar effect, though no where near as extreme. My husband mocked that I am not dramatically made up enough to sport this thing. At first I was a bit annoyed, but truth be told that just means it is perfect as a photo prop and I am not a model.

I spent quite some time pouring over my fire mountain looking for the right embellishments. I wanted a bit of bling, but let's face it, this thing won't need much. I opted for sterling silver beads to adorn the top and bottom edges and peppered throughout the necklace portion. I thought about adding beads to the split ring sections, but decided that it would not only increase the difficulty level, but also make the piece slightly larger and perhaps heavy enough to slouch and we don't want that. I also ordered up some silver teardrop beads to hang from the tips. Hopefully they will be just the right weight to lay well, though I confess, I'm worried about the points on the shoulders making them hang all weird looking. Since I ordered supplies, I now get to wait patiently until they arrive.

Never a patient person, I have already begun work on another collar in this same family. The neck corset section will be the same, but I'm adding different edging. If it works, I have one more to try after that as well. I also discovered that the same motif combination makes a bold wrist piece as well. So there may be sets coming. Of course these spine motifs are time consuming and each piece needs several. I still find it amusing that I created it just to avoid working a vintage pattern with thread spaces...I hate thread spaces. I might take a bit of a break today to make up some smaller pieces just to keep the store fresh since the silver flower piece has already sold. When ordering supplies, I went though my box of 'stuff' and saw a bunch of random beads that could certainly make for some sweet one off items, particularly some green beads. So busy day ahead


that_rat said...

I think my exact words were anti-dramatic. You were under dressed to show it off. Come to think of it, it almost looks like something from that movie the Cell with J-Lo, but definitely from something far more sophisticated and pretentious if you will.

Sidereal Day said...

Heh, I like that that_rat came to defend himself =)
You should be proud of yourself, that collar is Gorgeous!