Friday, March 26, 2010

A Bit Of This

It seems to have been another of those time portal sort of weeks. At first it seemed to go on too slowly and then it suddenly comes to an end. I debated a lot over the week whether I should do a giveaway for the Wunderkammer's first anniversary. Since that blog features other peoples work and not my own, I couldn't really give something of mine away and I was feeling too lazy to solicit others for donations. I think you've figured where I'm going here, I did nothing. I did write a short anniversary thank you message and featured the same four sellers that I did in the very first post, but that's it. I know, it's all anticlimactic especially given all the fuss I made over this blogs anniversary. You can stop by today and leave some love though...that would be great.

In between working on the embellished neck corset, I finished up the super colorful piece I teased with yesterday. It's a convertible piece and this is just one of it's uses. It can also be worn like this as a hair piece, as a necklace, bracelet and anklet, heck I'm sure you could tie it just about anywhere. Now we'll just have to wait and see if folks like the idea enough to buy one.

Further stalling, I decided to make some earrings using my cameo pattern. I used size 20 thread and mucked with the stitch count a bit and they were small enough to wear. There was of course less room to hang goodies in though, so I just hung a swarovski round and some crystals. I also made a pair in white with a large crystal and a glass pearl, but those won't be listed until later today.

Finally, much progress on the neck corset. I finished up the first row of the necklace section which I had decided would contain the bulk of the beads. They are so very shiny. At each tip there is a sterling silver teardrop and the small silver beads dot throughout the edge. I did also manage to get the split ring sections done, so all that is left is the small clovers that act as webs between the points. They too will have some silver beads in them. The beads while light have definitely given the piece some heft both physically and visually, I think. I just hope it's not too much heft.

I have an open house for my daughter this evening and a bit of preparing to do for that and the weekend should be busy with family birthday parties and a bunch of other nonsense. So, what I'm trying to say is if I don't get the neck piece done today, it's gonna be a while, so I'm going to try and rush on it. There is of course no actual rush on getting it done, but I am an impatient person. Well that and I want to get back to the wrist cuffs and a few other ideas that keep spring up while I work before I forget them completely. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever slow down.


Sewicked said...

May I suggest a journal? Track your ideas, your inspirations. It doesn't have to be much, just enough to remind yourself what you were thinking about. If you shop around a little, you can pick up a journal inexpensively, or go whole hog and buy a handmade one and put a piece of tatting on the cover.

❦TattingChic said...

GET OUTTA TOWN>>>YOU JUST HAD A 2nd blogoversary too??? (I am responding to your comment on my blog) I thought you had been blogging WAYYYY longer than I had!
Well, thank you very much for coming on over to join in the blogoversary fun! I do appreciate it!
Good luck to you!
~TattingChic ♥