Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Only Forever

Wait, what's today? Thursday? Really? Well, there's another week getting away from me. I should really be used to it by now, but the days just float by. I did take new pictures of the now named, 'It's Only Forever' Mask. Seemed the best lyric to name it after it is so related to my 'Hands of Time' necklace. There was no sun so they are dark and I won't go into the sorry state of my skin presently, but you can imagine, that little blending eraser tool in the photo program was most helpful. I feel like I should say that I will go back and take better pictures when the lighting is better, but it would be a big old lie. I never go back and take new picture...I'm just lazy that way.

The new mask did bring up an older piece that I only ever made one of, the eye patch. It was practically useless as you can see through the lace, but it was pretty to wear and let's face it, most people who wear an eye patch, don't actually 'need' to wear an eye patch. So without a pattern again, I shall attempt to recreate that piece. Why worry about the pattern, Pam...make a brand new one?'. 'Well, I would, but then I'd have to take new pictures.' 'Oh, right.'

I did unveil my giveaway yesterday for the recent 400 fan number. I'm leaving the post open until Monday, so there is plenty of time to get an entry in, though that does mean that I will have to mention this again every day until then as the post gets buried beneath other random comments. I know I'm still new to the whole fan page thing, but it really gets on my nerves when people leave a comment saying, oh, love you...please visit my site, or fan me back. I mean I get the whole social network thing, but that just seems pushy & well, rude. It also seems a bit pointless, I mean a fan that's just there to get you to fan their page may not even like your work and if you just fan people you don't like, what good are you to them really? I would rather have 5 fans who really enjoy my work than 100 that are there simply because I plied them with sugar. Of course this too makes me epically rude right?

I am proud that I haven't gone on another rant that I'm keeping bottled up. I really want to dole out some unsolicited advice...really badly. There's someone out there making what my experiences tell me are bad decisions and I couldn't decide whether it's better to help them with advice they didn't ask for or let them find out for themselves. I have decided to let them sink or swim on their own as I would hate to give the advice and have it not work for them...or maybe I'm just a bit of a sadist. Either way, I'm staying out of it, I'll just keep ranting at my husband. I'm sure he's thrilled to read that.


that_rat said...

Always! You also have a them instead of their in towards the end of your third paragraph.

Pamela said...

If it was me I would wanna know. M'k? ;)

TotusMel said...

...and if it were you, I would tell you ;-)