Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sweet Relief

Can someone please tell me how it is not Friday yet. Yeah, I know that there must always be a Thursday, but I'm fairly certain that I experienced an entire week already. In fact, really it ought to be Saturday, but's just is Thursday, right?

The black hole that is my creative energy continued full force yesterday. In fact, it was so bad, I cleaned...the house. I had to do something but I couldn't design to save my life. I started tatting a few older designs and listed the bride's feet, a different set of barefoot sandals in white, but nothing really new. I hadn't made these ones in months...many months. They start with the same motif as my Art Deco pendants and I just keep working the center of the pattern, then added my own attachment point and done.

The husband is home now and already this morning has a completely different feel and before I got up, I was working out the new dramatic collar design in my head. Ah, it's almost as if I just need his presence to be fully myself. That seems ridiculously corny, but it's not like much of my routine is different and still it feels different. So hopefully, today the muses will grant me favor and I'll get a few things done. I hope so because I really love documenting the design process here and it's been a little while since I was able to do so with all the secret projects milling about. Well, off to it then.


that_rat said...

I was certain you were going to title today's post "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" because of the relief differential I bring for the kids and your recent obsession with Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and I think you need a question mark in your first sentence.

Tatfully Yours said...

Well, yes it is Thursday but my boss and I do not use that name for that day of the week, we call it "Friday Eve" it makes us feel better!!!LOL And seeing that we clean houses all week anything helps!

Krystle said...

I don't even function right if I know my husband has forgotten his Cell phone when he's gone to I definitely know how you feel. That cheesy line from Jerry Maguire comes to mind...



May the design mojo be strong with you :-)