Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, I'm So Glad To See You

Ah, dawn is about to break on my last day fighting the good fight alone. Yeah, I know I'm being overly dramatic. In fact the only big downside to being the only parent for a few days is that there is no one else to distract the children, even for a moment, meaning I get little else done.Luckily I had less else that needed to be done. Sure, I had things to tat and I made sure I used every second of the magic nap hours to get that done, but otherwise no deadlines staring at me.

Both the new necklaces are now listed. The large one I showed you yesterday and the smaller version is here. The same motif, albeit modified to my liking is used in both pieces, so that this is the little sister or more wearable of the two being slightly less dramatic is appearance.

A photographer friend saw the larger version yesterday and has given me the task of making a much more elaborate piece based on the basic structure of that one. This will be an epic collar crossed with my throat corset in an unholy hybrid. It will also have to wait until I have backup in the house to begin. I tried to work on another challenge piece yesterday and I had all the creative energy of a robot. I could not design to save my life. Apparently, you need a proper amount of rest for your brain to function, who knew?

Let's see anything else for your reading pleasure today. I did receive an interesting email from a Japanese company who wants to sell my product, specifically the ankle corsets. Sure, it sounds neat and it might even be on the level as the English was educated and didn't have the marking of a Nigerian scam, but let's face it, even if I dropped everything to make ankle corsets all day, every day, I still could not be a mass producer. It's simply not possible. I might, if I only worked on them and stopped, you know cleaning and stuff get one pair made every day or so. That is hardly large quantities suitable for breaking into the Japanese market. I suppose it's still flattering though.

So I'm onto one more day of getting little useful done as I have to wait until the evening for the husband to return. It's been fun and I can't wait to do it again next really, I can't.

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