Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Instructable

I've been getting some interesting correspondence lately both asking for tatting help and my patterns. If you've been around me a while you know that I am terrible about writing down patterns. I'm lucky that selling my pieces requires me to take many, very good photos that I am able to work off of when remaking things. Well, I decided that I needed to catch up on these things a bit. I took the morning after making yet another mask to write out the pattern for my slave bracelet for someone who asked very nicely. Then, since I was on a roll and needed a break from the dreaded remaking, I decided to finally do another instructable.

This one is slightly modified from my fleurette necklace to show off three new techniques after my beginners project of the tatted flower pendant. It will teach you how to do Josephine knot or spiral chains, split rings and clovers. This is my third actual tutorial on instuctables and if you ever feel the need to share a skill or project I highly recommend them. It's a very user friendly interface and I've found that it exposes me to an entirely new audience rather than the same crafters. This has gone a long way in getting tatting out into, well not quite the mainstream, but a bit closer anyway.

Here's the instructable for your edification, but please if you get a moment stop by the actual instructable to rate it and comment for, well let's be honest, my ego. Thanks!

Needle Tatting A Necklace - More DIY How To Projects


Valerie said...

It's so nice of you to share. Your instructables look simple enough to follow. I think I'll adapt it to shuttle tatting. Thanks!

Gina said...

I looked at your tutorial yesterday but didn't see the video. I thought the pictures were very clear and I'm thinking when I put some links on my blog for online instruction that those will be one there!