Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Night

I dreamt of a wind storm last night. I vaguely recall feeling like everything was going to be knocked down around me, but when the wind abated I was left with a merely cracked overhang while all the neighbors were cleaning up destruction. As is often the case with dream, this one made me think about how it applied to my waking life. I'm been experiencing a lot of ups and downs lately, each seemingly more emotionally dramatic than the last. From exciting bits of exposure to periods of no sales and less inspiration. From the excitement of finally buying a house to the disappointment of an uncooperative real estate market. The dream pointed out to me that drama or not, I have been left fairly unscathed. I suppose you could say that I've been taking two steps forward and one step back. I may not be moving quickly, but I'm still going forward.

Last night and early this morning, I had a few lovely, if not difficult to understand conversations from a new customer from Russia. So I will be busy today making some tatted items to travel very far and remaking those same items to be relisted in the store. I also woke up to the sale of my husband's favorite piece, because it was all his idea. The Order of Ecclesia collar was inspired by a character from one of his favorite video games, Castlevania. So congrats honey, you made a sale and no that does not mean you get the money from it. I don't think I'll be remaking this piece anytime soon though. As it gets hotter I have less desire to work with yarn.

I have been looking for organic cotton or other sustainable material threads recently to work with. While the yarn market has begun to see more of this trend, I have been unable to find anything in my preferred size 10 thread. That is until yesterday when I discovered that Aunt Lydia's is making a bamboo thread. I got all excited only to be thwarted by color selection. I could only find white and black. So I embarked on a twitter based mission to find someone to dye the thread for me. Though twitter turned out to be a dead end, I asked one of the ever talented tatting thread dyers to tackle the task. Though she can't work on the project for another month or so, I am happy to say I have someone who will give it a go for me.

I've always liked the idea of using more socially responsible materials, but this is the first time that it is even an option for me. When that adventure begins, I will be certain to share the results with you. Well onto the tatting tasks for the day.


that_rat said...

So...being your muse doesn't have it's perks? That should be my "designer" fee.

Jrahn said...

We are all about the bamboo material, we have a whole towel set. They are soft and fluffy actually. SIGN UP ON SKYPE!

ArtSnark said...

Heard a rumor that it's your 3 yr etsy-versary. Congrats!