Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Put What In Your Nose?

I hope that you weren't expecting much from me today either. I spent most of yesterday in a bit of a haze, but as I twittered away the morning to avoid doing anything else something amusing happened. Very often my youngest, who will be two this week, gets into my supplies. Occasionally she will sit behind me on the couch and stab me with tatting needle or attempt to crochet my shirt and when I'm distracted she will grab for the baggies of beads that are in my little crafting jar. As soon as I hear one of those baggies, I get all freaked out and grab them away. I am super paranoid about her swallowing a Swarovski crystal and it somehow allowing its lead content to seep into her system. Well after getting the "harmful" beads away from her, she grabbed a baggie of plastic beads, I shrugged thinking at least she'll be entertained right?

Next thing I know, she is complaining about her nose hurting and since we're all sick or allergy ridden right now, I held a tissue to her nose and told her to blow. She did and when a slightly blood tinged mucus emerged it dawned on me that she had shoved a bead in her nose. Great. She proceeded to sneeze a few times eventually shooting said bead into the tissue.

Since my computer was right in front of me, I tweeted this event and what followed was actually a little mind boggling. Everyone began to confess stories of their children or themselves and suddenly there was a sprawling conversation about beads and corn kernels in noses and pebbles in ears. Not only did these stories serve to amuse, but they also demonstrated why twitter probably isn't just a fad. We all identified with a common experience and for a brief time complete strangers where interacting in a non judgmental candid conversation. I felt better because I wasn't a bad mother, turns out kids ARE just crazy like that. No, I'm not best friends now with all those people I talked with, but it was nice to have such immediate reactions to events.

I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid work and only completed a pair of barefoot sandals. I did talk to another of my new twitter friends about a custom project which I'll share more about as I feel a bit better and start actually working on it. I find that I lack creativity when I can't breath and/or move without my head hurting. Here's hoping for a short Spring...again.


Deanna Lack said...

I type medical notes for an ear, nose and throat doctor. There's a kid with a foreign object in an ear or a nose (beads are one of the most common) on about a weekly basis. And I'm only hearing about the ones whose parents couldn't get them out (sometime discovering them weeks later, with a smell... eugh)

I'm really not sure what compels kids to stick things in their orifices, but it seems like almost all of them experiment with it :)

And I agree, Twitter is a beautiful thing. Instant feedback is awesome!

dalij said...

HMM! Maybe a call to CPS?

Matt said...

I'm so relieved that my 4 year old seems to be gaining the sense to not stick small items where they don't belong. Amazingly, kids seem to do a great job of surviving childhood.

Unknown said...

Hi! I actually just ran over to wish you a Happy International Tatting Day!

Sorry, no time to read the post! I'm doing some quick visits to tatting blogs to wish them well on this day cuz I've got to run to work! :)

michelle said...

thankfully my kids have never stuck anything up their noses, but I was the horrible older sibling that convinced my younger brother to put a flower bud up his nose. luckily mom was able to pull it out with tweezers.

so when I grew up, remembering the evil of my younger days, my toddlers got the lecture about "don't put things in your nose" alongside the one about "don't go with strangers".

Anonymous said...

Lawson turned two in Feb and stuck an apple peel piece in his nose. We tried and tried to reach it for over a day and then the next morning he walked in and handed it to my daughter. It took a while for it to set in that it was finally out and he didn't care one bit. LOL Glad it came right out, those sinus' can swell up pretty big.


Waterrose said...

I've had one of those experiences. My son, when he was small, always got ear infections when he went swimming. So I decided to try those waxy, blue things that you take a chunk form it to the ear and put inside. Well I sent them to daycare, since they were going swimming. About three months later he was complaining of his ear hurting. I looked in, couldn't see anything, but the dr had given me a plastic syringe to irrigate his ears as needed. So I started doing so with warm water and vinegar. All of a sudden this ugly blue thing started surfacing...I got this queasy feeling and light headed, it came out and at first I couldn't figure out how something "blue" could have come out of this child...then I thought more and began was that stupid wax!