Friday, April 17, 2009

On Solid Ground

I got really high this week. Things were going my way and I was getting the kind of attention that really fuels my hyper sensitive ego. Then I started falling, little thing were going wrong, but since I expected it, I was alright. Now at the end of the week, I feel I have landed very roughly on the ground. The first house we looked at and liked is already off the market. We realized that our lease is up a month later than we had thought, so our plans must also be pushed back unless we feel the urge to pay a months rent for a house we are no longer renting. On top of those small disappointments, I also still have not received payment nor contact from the person who bought the pair of ankle corsets that got me all the attention in the first place.

So here I am back on earth with little to show for the ride. It was a sugar rush for my ego and like all sugar rushes it ends with a crash that feels worse for the rise. I don't mean to complain, but I guess it's left me feeling a little blah.

Tomorrow however should be an interesting day. Since I do not blog on the weekends I'll celebrate a day early. Tomorrow is my third anniversary on Etsy. I can't even express to you how that one decision to sell a few things to help pay for my thread habit has changed my world. I have learned things I had no interest in before. It has led me to blogging, to desgining and a whole new world of friends I never would have known existed. So thanks Etsy for expanding my horizons for the last three years and here's to many more.

I'm still remaking some sold peices as well as tatting up a few that are listed as custom items. I can't seem to keep up with it all and I suppose that's an eviable problem to have. I doubt I'll have the time or energy to come up with any brand new designs until after all this house buying stuff is over with. So I guess I'll just go into producion mode instead. I know I want to do at least one more instructable before the year is out, but I think that can wait as well. The only other project I want to get done is on the blog. I want to create a section of links to all my tatting patterns and instructables so they're easier to find, but that means I have to find them first so it might be a while.


Eva said...

I am so sorry the wonderful house is no longer waiting there for you. I can only pray and think that there is something even more wonderful on the horizon for you.

Good luck with production mode. It's not a bad mode to be in, it is at least productive!

Enjoy your weekend. I am sure it will help to recharge your batteries for the coming week.
HUGS! and I thoroughly enjoy following your blog.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Ah, life is a roller coaster, is it not? For me it's just a constant shuffling of priorities to give everything I care about enough attention.

You'll get back to creative mode soon, and perhaps whatever new home you eventually find will have more space and inspiring spots for you to create in!