Monday, April 27, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

The weekends have been getting...odd around here lately. Last weekend saw a huge surge of sales, well huge for me anyway, because of a inclusion in the stylehive newsletter. I spent the better part of the week making up ankle corsets and whatnot. This past weekend was much quieter until Sunday. I spend a good portion of my weekend offline with my family, so I only check in for any length of time during the kids naps. This weekend the surprise was first a google alert for an article at TrendHunter. Nope, I'd not heard of the site either, which makes the write up a little sweeter. At last check the article has over 1800 views and is currently featured and apparently the #4 hot item in the last 24 hours.. Though that only seems to have translated into store views from the site, it's still pretty cool.

Then a little later in the afternoon, I got a message over at etsy from a magazine writer informing me that one of my masks was going to be featured in their next issue. She requested some hi-res images of my Babe With The Power mask. I sent them off poste haste and I will reveal said magazine when and if it should actually come to pass. I will say it is a fashion magazine that I only heard of recently through twitter. This of course doesn't mean a thing as I am generally fashion illiterate.

One more little thing from the weekend, well Friday really, but anyway. I have been inpired by Haute Macabre posts before, they posted the pictures of the lace stilletto that led to my ankle corsets. Again they post and I... recreate. This time it was a post featuring shoe jewelry. These were pieces made of chainmail or leather bands attached by chains to be worn with heels. Of course I saw them with straps of tatting connected with chains and I completed the first prototype this weekend as well. I am having problems with chain length and making the piece adjustable. Though I'm thinking that perhaps it would be better ta add the chain after requesting customer measurments. I'm also aware that these are going to require excellent walking skills to avoid sngging the chains, but I assume that if you're probably not going to be wearing heels hiking or anything anyway. I will most likely be selling this pair at a prototype price very soon as I work on a refined piece.

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Imoshen said...

That is a cool idea to do. The picture you posted really had the tatting and shoe complimenting one another nicely.