Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Review?

I have never been known as a "fashionista". No, I have my own sense of self and style that rarely coincides with the current trends. When it does, I tend to buy out the items I like from the trend and wear them long after it has died. Though I also enjoy, let's say extreme pieces, I am usually found in a pair of jeans and comfortable shirt. As a stay at home mother, this is as far as I am willing to dress down though. I refuse to wear sweats or spend the day in pajamas, but I digress.

Through twitter, I have become acquainted with a handful lovely fashion blogging ladies. They are pleasant, fun and above all I would never use the word snob to describe a one of them. I often feel like a bit of a shlub seeing their daily outfit pictures, but that's fine. Though a practice on twitter deemed "followfriday" where people recommend others to follow, my connection with them has expanded to a connection with a few emerging designers. It is through this that I became acquainted with the woman behind Spun. I caught wind of a special sale of her organic cotton fitted tee and I decided that I could always use another black shirt. I shared the link to the sale and had a lovely conversation with her. Days later I participated in a little Earth Day contest she held and won a tank top as well.

Well, the shirt is here and I do adore it. It might look like a simple tee shirt, but it is more than that. It is an affordable, socially responsible, well fitted and comfortable tee shirt from a small company with a heart. So, if you have ever wanted to try and dress a little more "green", but the price outweighed the benefit, check out her line of clothes. They are simple, versatile and of a quality that appears to be far above their price points.

Okay, I know, first a music review, now I'm taking on clothing lines. It might be a little silly coming from me, but I just thought I'd share my findings. I've got a lot of tatting to do for this Maker Faire business, but I hope to get around to trying my newest idea for the shoe jewelry. Since listing the prototype pair, it has gotten very little interest, so maybe I jumped the gun a bit getting excited about the idea. I still want to get it to a final design before I abandon it though. Sometimes I just have to sit on my hands and wait no matter how impatient I am.


wickedtats said...

What a nice story to share. Glad you made nice friends on the internet.

I love your hair!!!!

And I couldn't help but notice a tattoo that looks like Chinese characters down your arm! Could I ask what it is! I read Chinese =)

TotusMel said...'s not Chinese though. It is a story for another blog post I think!

that_rat said...

Wow...what a babe! :^)

Sara said...
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Sara said...

OMG, you are so sweet for posting this. I am SO glad that you are happy with your purchase and am humbled by all the kind words. If anyone can understand how hard it is to run a business while raising 2's you! I'm happy to have met you via Twitter and look forward to more of our "talks"! <3 Sara :)

Gina said...

Music, fashion? It just means you are well-rounded and not holed up in your own little corner all the time.

Oh, how I miss wearing jeans and tshirt!

Jrahn said...

Nice thumb in pocket pose pam!