Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy Brain

Okay, so I wasn't nearly as successful getting things done yesterday. I did get one mask done and started another, but as they are just the same ones I've made a dozen times over, I don't feel satisfied by that. Someone over at the twitter was commenting that sometimes they feel like their own little sweatshop stuck remaking old pieces rather than creating something new. I certainly get that. Sure, I want to have a fully stocked store, but make new things at the same time. The problem lies in my chosen craft. As fast as I am at tatting, it still takes quite a bit of time to make most of my items. My masks and ankle corsets need multiple days of my live to come to fruition, so here I sit remaking again.

So that was most of my day. I ran to the store for a bit to buy Easter for the kids, but that was it. Of course there was also the great rain coming in after such a nice week of sun, so honestly I didn't actually want to go anywhere. I'm using all my leftover energy to worry about things in the immediate future, Maker Faire, house buying, moving and a trip to Seattle/Tacoma in June. I'm known to have a busy brain, so all this stuff is really overheating my head as of late. I miss being a kid some days, when there was someone to take care of all these sort of things for me, oh well. There is no going back.


Erika said...

I think it's better for you if you stop tatting the old and concentrate on something new ^^
Having these feelings is not good for an artisan. Then the return on an "old" style will be more rewarding.

Good work! :)

Sewicked said...

I know, it's the 'yeah, I could do on a special order basis, but then I feel it looming over me so I want to have it made ahead of time' blues. Just remember to take time to let your muse explore.

Munted kowhai said...

I totally get you. There is a fine line between making a piece and creating a piece.
I make pieces for wholesale. I create pieces for etsy.
you can guess which one i like more.

Sarah Dungan said...

Forget wanting to be a kid again, I just want to hire a personal assistant to take care of these things for me! ;-)