Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Win For The Day

I had quite a productive Monday, well for me anyway. I was determined to get a few things done and now that all this birthday nonsense is over I had no excuse. The sun was shining and I got pictures of my newest Steampunk creation. I really do like the way it looks, but I shall endeavour to save it for the Maker Faire. Then I sat down determined to figure out the best way to attach a flower and feathers to a hair comb. I had just about settled on the hot glue after a few failed attempts, then I turned to my old friend, the google search. Low and behold it resulted in a very explicit tutorial on making a feather fascinator, perfect.

The process was touchy, but had a great result. Using a sewing needle and heavy duty black thread, I wrapped a few feathers together piercing through the stalks for security. Once I had a nice bundle I wrapped the whole thing onto the comb. Taking the thread back to the end, I sewed on the flower. I had used some metallic embroidery thread in a deep brown for the flower, so it has it's own sparkle without adding any crystals. The whole thing seems rather sturdy and I'm fairly confident that I can repeat the procedure. This one is going to the Maker Faire as well, but I might be able to make up some to list soon.

I kept stalling, but I have started making masks again. I'm starting with As The World Falls Down, then I think I'll get a Babe With The Power done before moving on to the beaded ones. I really don't like working with beads. It might enhance the tatting, but it's just one more step to every section that slows me down and offers another opportunity for mistakes. I also got some scary paperwork done and I'm calling this a win for the day.


Sewicked said...

That's hecka lot more than I got done yesterday. I napped. Does that count as getting something done?

Anonymous said...

im not particularly fond of feathers but even so its a beautiful creation. The embroidery is amazing.

mermaiden said...

love the steampunk piece! i was going to try the maker faire but i looked in the bottom of my purse....and all there was, was the bottom :D so maybe next year! it looks rad and i hope you do well.

Anonymous said...

I really like the hair piece. I've been looking at sewn Duponi roses and this is a good alternative. This would be nice in a blood red or Vintage pink too.