Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I Forget To Mention?

So it occurred to me that I didn't mention my weekend at all yesterday. Of course this was because I had already become determined to show off those customer appreciation photos. Since nothing of consequence happened yesterday, I think I shall go back a bit and share my whirlwind weekend.

On Saturday, I went out with my husband to go look at homes and though we found a couple we liked, we were more often bombarded with what I'm beginning to assume is the standard result of a bank repossession of ones home. Horrifying smells, ridiculously bad painting jobs, mystery stains, gutted kitchens and neighborhood that reminded us far too much of the apartment complex we escaped three years ago. When we returned we embarked on what would turn out to be a failed bid, though we eventually became relieved for it. While we waited for our real estate agent to return I checked in on my etsy shop.

I was surprised to receive a couple of new sales on my ankle corsets as well as a few other sales throughout the weekend. On Sunday the reason was revealed to me by one of the ankle corset customers. The ankle corsets, due to their popularity this past week were sent in the weekly email to stylehive members. This sent a few new people over and revived them as the top bookmark once again over the weekend. Again, I am amazed that my little idea has garnered so much attention.

By Monday they had disappeared again and everything was seemingly back to normal. I spent the day tatting at full speed to complete the custom orders I had received and aside from a little housework, did nothing else. It was ridiculously hot here as well, so I'm sure I had the desire to do anything else. Today will probably be more of the same as I'm still working on a mask and I want to get another pair of the ankle corsets made so they are not listed as a custom piece. So, yeah, it was an interesting weekend

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