Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Mother Of Invention

Busy like a bee, I tatted yesterday. Making and remaking. Trying to both keep my store stocked full of ready to ship items and get pieces made for the end of May. So engrossed in creating these pieces that I had forgotten a promise to make a mask for a family friends birthday...on Sunday. This was brought to my attention late in the afternoon and I panicked. I had originally settled on making her my "A Kind Of Pale Jewel" mask in purple, but I realized that would be pushing it. Even though I'm unlikely to see her on the birthday, I'd still like it ready in time. So I started making her a "Babe With The Power" mask. As I finished the first round, I decided that I would make an entirely new mask just for her.

I had been toying with adjusting the outer round of this mask for a while. I has a few different ideas swirling around, but no real incentive to try them out right away. I opted for a simple change with a dramatic result. I just added a small ring at the center of each chain creating a pointed effect rather than rounded like the original. I like the result enough so far to create another to sell. The points give it more of a Mardi Gras feel than the babe version so I have dubbed this mask, "The Power Of VooDoo" in keeping with my strict Labyrinth naming policy.

The mask is still not finished, but hopefully I will finish it up and make the one to sell as well. It might not be up for sale until next week though. I have been taking full advantage of a now three day absence of sales to focus on all this creating. I'm not certain what has caused this drought all of a sudden, but if I've learned anything from my own etsy-centric speeches over the last year, it's 'just keep swimming'. I have tons of stuff that needs to be made and who knows when I'll have the time again to really get into the manufacturing rhythm.