Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Music Review?

I don't usually mention my musical tastes online. Mostly because the music I love it not considered hip, nor in. I actually have fairly expansive tastes and musical knowledge fueled by nearly a decade at a music store. There are few genres that I truly dislike, but I have always come back to my favorites. Now, five years later I feel out of place when people begin to share their favorites and I rarely run into like minded music fans. All that being said, I was truly surprised recently by someone I met on twitter, yes it's another twitter story.

When someone follows me on twitter, like most people, I check out their profile to see we have anything in common. Social media and marketing experts are ignored, fellow artists and crafters are generally followed and every so often there's a band or musician and I go their site to check them out. This is a fairly easy marketing idea, people will listen, you catch a few, you miss a few, but there's not that much effort involved. Well, I was caught by one with the moniker driftingnsilenc, which is the shortened version of Drifting In Silence. After listening to tracks available on his website, I returned to twitter and followed him back as well as commenting my opinion to him.

Next thing I know, I am in possession of a generous handful of CDs that included not only the main project, but also a side project, Longthenight and a label mate and remixer Drev. I spent the afternoon yesterday listening to all this whilst my daughters slept and I couldn't believe that I had just now discovered them. Derrick Stembridge the man behind Drifting In Silence and Longthenight is a mad genius, really. He has mastered the perfectly beautiful ambient track as well as the industrial beat driven one. Rather than dissolve into meaningless noise, each piece has a defining structure, wrought with intelligence. The more ambient pieces let my mind wander and escape, perfect for designing to and the more aggressive pieces inspired me to work with focus.

I am no music reviewer, I am a maker of lace who likes my music ambient, electro and Industrial. I like music that is crafted by a mad scientist with the soul of an artist. I want music that can at once haunt my soul and move my feet. Maybe it's not the hippest music and it's devotees tend to be a bit darker and a little different, but I like it and you might too. Now brush off the fact that the tatter just attempted a music review and move on with your day. I'll be back to normal tomorrow.


ArtSnark said...

Sounds interesting. Will have to check it out. Did you know you had an item on Foundhandmade blog yesterday?

TotusMel said...

Thanks for looking out, they actually sent me a convo yesterday to let me know!