Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm starting to feel a bit guilty that I don't have any tatting to share, any projects to stress about or events coming up to plug. Since I started feeling bad, spring allergies, I've let most things just slide away. I scheduled all the posts on the Wunderkammer before the pollen descended, so it's running all by itself, but old faithful here is suffering mightily. I also don't want to keep going on and on about the 'other' blog on this one. That just seems a bit redundant and unnecessary.

I did have one good, 'what the hell' moment yesterday that I'd like to share. So I'm trolling the treasuries at etsy looking to see if I'm featured anywhere. I know it's a narcissistic behaviour, but I do it regularly anyway. If I discover a feature, I write an appropriate compliment with my thanks for the feature. I figure it's only polite to say thank you, right? Well I did find a few yesterday and a few hours after my thank you's were left I received a convo.

The message said something to the effect of, 'your welcome. we hope that you will return the favor and feature us in one of your treasuries in the future.' Dude, really? I wanted to say that it was rude, but perhaps it was just terribly tacky. Sure I'm glad you liked my work enough to put it in your list...that lasts 3 days...and has 5 views...and a very slim chance of getting on the front page, but it's not really a favor.

I just kept thinking that the message sounded a bit like Fat Tony from the Simpsons or something. I'm certain that many people populate their treasuries and features with folks as a thank you for past features regardless of what the person makes, but I'm not one of them. I pick things because I truly love them and I think they make a good picture, not because of who made them. Let's face it, I like attention, I know you're shocked. I've found the best way to get attention is to make things worth paying attention to, not by jumping up and down and shouting, 'look at me, look at me!' Sure you get people to glance when you do that, but it doesn't last. That's what I'm trying to do with the wunderkammer, make lists people want to keep coming back and looking at.

So for future reference, featuring me in your lists will not gain you a future 'favor' from me. All you'll get is a heartfelt thank you, I hope that's enough.


Erika said...

I agree with you.
If i will ever conquer a Treasury (i'm always too late or too early XD ), i'll use the chance to give exposure to items i think are great.

Diana said...

What are you talking about? Surely you're familiar with the Treasury "tit for tat" etiquette? Your lowbrow manners are shocking.

I hope you meant to post this yesterday. Would someone really be so grievously self-promoting? Or expect retaliatory marketing sight unseen? Whisper to me who it was, ok? We're not on the forums.

Btw, you owe me some publicity for posting on your blog.

Btw (seriously) I'd love to trade ads with your Wunderkammer site. I just need to carve out a few minutes between packing up the house, signing docs and caring for 3 sick kids. xox

TotusMel said...

The extra funny part is, with the new finds blog, I'll probably never make another treasury again anyway!

Munted kowhai said...

ergh, to do something with a return gesture in mind is horrid.
do you know that you can go to craftpolis and enter your etsy name and it'll show you all the treasuries you're in currently so you don't have to scroll like mad!

mermaiden said...

there is so much behavior in the treasuries that drives me mad! i've seen people choose items just from their shop- all 12! Bad enough when they put in even one. I've also seen comments like, "oh, nice picks but you should have included my crap and here's the link". Really? REALLY?

StarrlightJewelry said...

i totally agree.
I have any easy solution, i dont make treasuries! ( so >:P at them)

. c h o k l i t . said...

It's amazing how hard it is for folks in our commerce-driven culture to understand giving for the sake of giving. I see it every year with misinterpretations of the Burning Man "Gift Economy" - everyone thinks you're supposed to bring crap to trade with, but that's not it at all.

You're supposed to try what it feels like to give with no expectation of return, for the joy of giving... and on the other side, to accept a gift without feeling like you owe something back (beyond a thank you!).

It's remarkably simple, and yet really hard to do - we're not trained that way. We're trained for "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

dalij said...

Hmm! I saw the comments and came up with a fun share for you. Why not share a mean older sibling tricking their sweet little brother into taking sudafed by telling him they were red hots? Interesting story. My thanks to one of your followers for reminding me of the incident. COME ON NOW SHARE!!!