Monday, March 2, 2015


Well, I had an interesting weekend. Friday was fine, I made up a pair of the new earrings in the dark gray linen, though I didn't list them, nor photograph them. Honestly at this point I can't remember what else I got up to on Friday. I didn't get any sales in the shop, so it wasn't much. Then Friday evening I did something stupid. While putting groceries away in the freezer I ripped my right ring finger nail off just a few millimeters below the quick. The picture was actually taken yesterday after I finally took the bandage off, so it's looking much better. The point of the story is that the rest of Friday and all of Saturday were pretty tatting free. I mean it was possible, I tried a little, but it was incredibly slow and careful. Trying to avoid touching the fingertip was difficult and when I failed, it was pretty painful. It still feels weird, but it doesn't hurt anymore. It's a bit crazy how something so little could limit my ability to properly function.

On Saturday I had gotten my supply order in, but it wasn't until Sunday that I did anything with it. You see, I really have been making pieces and then just leaving them bagged up without their hardware for ages. When one of those pieces sell, I get it put together because I was so low on clasps and jump rings and whatnot that I didn't want to waste them on anything until it was actually going out the door. With new supplies in, I pulled out the bags of unfinished pieces and got them all put together properly. It took a few hours and a Doctor Who marathon to get it all done and I feel certain that I must have missed a few pieces. It seems to be done now though.

Today leaves me with no tasks on hand, save for the usual household ones. I think I've gotten caught up on pieces that need remaking, so I guess I'll just cross my fingers for some orders or maybe some inspiration. I'm definitely crossing my fingers for no new silly injuries.

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