Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lazy Day

Oh, it was such a lazy day yesterday. After schooling I opted to finish reading the novel I had downloaded the day before. I didn't have any pressing tatting to do, so I was just killing time hoping for an order or something. The last few days I've fielded several requests and questions that have gone no further than me answering the questions. No one has come back to make the purchase they referred to, but that hasn't stopped me from waiting for them to do so.

So instead of tatting I watched a little television, then the power went out for the first time in six years. The house became horribly quiet, the kids went outside to play and I started reading another novel when I know I could have been tatting. I will have to come up with something to make today whether those inquiries become customers or not. I can't let the momentum I have gathered over the last few weeks go to pot. I've no idea what I'll make, but I promise I will pick up my needle and thread sometime today.

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