Tuesday, March 24, 2015

That Was A Day

Let's see, we had a nice predictable morning of schooling followed by our new routine of jogging and yoga. The kids have both recently started reading a new novel as well, so I joined them and spent what was left of the morning reading. In another wonderful twist, I got another order in my etsy shop, nothing huge or custom, but something. So after lunch I had something to tat up.

This is my Night Garden necklace. I designed it what seems light eons ago as a bridesmaid necklace for a family wedding. The tatted jewelry has outlived the marriage handily though. It started with the small classic element at the center bottom and I added the vine and clover details to the side. In fact I think that it was one of the first pieces I designed by drawing it out. I rarely do that even now. I much prefer just making it up as I go along.

The late afternoon was a real family adventure. Remember I mentioned a walk on a dry creek bed? Well, while we traversed it we discovered a small section of water that disappeared under the edge of the creek wall full of huge tadpoles and catfish. The husband decided that we must go back and rescue as many of them as we could and move them to the other fork of the creek that still has flowing water. This took up a nice chunk of time and involved a bucket and a couple of nets, n to mention climbing up and down steep banks. We managed to catch quite a few of them and released them safely into a better environment, but I think we're all a little sore from the effort.

We also finally got our car back from the shop and though it certainly wasn't cheap, the damage was far less than I imagined. So I guess the day was a win overall. I'm crossing my fingers for less fish rescue, no car bills and more tatting today though.

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