Friday, February 27, 2015


As I had guessed in the morning, my purchasing of supplies did seem to jinx the day for sales. No matter though, I still had tasks on hand and I got both of them mostly finished. Instead of starting with the barefoot sandal I went ahead and got the linen earrings tatted. They spent the night getting stiffened and will be ready for their ear-wires this morning. I should have them in the shop today. The black linen thread is slightly more uniform than the gray shades, so these ones seemed to work up faster, albeit with the same padded look.

After that was done and in between news of escaping llamas and a dress whose color is apparently witchcraft, I also got the other barefoot sandal made and up and back into the shop. I'm hoping to get some sales in today because I got really used to being busy and all I have left to make is maybe the linen earrings in the last color I have, dark gray. After that I'm twisting in the wind. I'm sure I'll think of something.

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