Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I didn't really do a thing worth sharing yesterday. There was schooling and a jog with the kids. There was laundry and some reading. I even got caught up with a messy science experiment, but I managed to unintentionally avoid tatting all day. It's days like these that I wonder why I bother writing at all, but the truth is as it's always been, it's a habit that I choose to keep. Whether or not I have anything of interest to share or not, I'll always write Monday through Friday, because that is my routine.

Hopefully I'll manage a little tatting time today, perhaps there will be a sale in my shop or maybe some inspiration will hit. We do have a teacher meeting today so it will already be a long and different morning. Maybe the change in routine will be inspiring in itself. Or more likely I will sit down tomorrow morning with nothing of real interest to share and write about it anyway. Yeah, I'm hoping for some fresh tatting too.

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