Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I was probably a little too happy when I received an order during schooling. One of those inquiring folks came back to make a purchase to my great delight. After schooling I spent the morning reading while tatting. It's kind of a newer bad habit, but it does let me finish two things at once.

The order was a custom length necklace. Since this is one of my very few pieces where the chain of the necklace is actually split rings, it took a while to work up. Split rings take a bit longer with the needle I image since I have to keep un-threading and re-threading to make each one. Otherwise it's a very simple design, one of the first ones I ever put together when I started selling my work actually.

The necklace did get finished as did the novel I was reading. I also managed to get the house cleaned up a bit, so it was definitely a more productive day than the one that preceded it. Unfortunately I'm right back where I started yesterday with no more projects or orders to deal with. Hopefully I get a repeat of yesterday and another inquiry becomes a purchase. Either that or my creativity kicks into gear and I make something new. Basically I'm going into yet another day blind hoping it just all works out by itself.

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