Friday, March 27, 2015


We had a nice normal morning of schooling followed by a nice jog and yoga. The day felt about as routine as possible. I bet you're thinking that since it started so normal that I must be leading up to something interesting that happened. Nope, completely uneventful day, completely uneventful week really. Though I did manage to read an entire book trilogy in 4 days, it was the Wayward Pines Series if you're curious. The previews for the upcoming television show intrigued me, so I gave it a go. Of course now I imagine that the show will only disappoint me.

Aside from that all I managed to tat up was a pair of bobbies. That's bobby pins, sometimes people ready that word the wrong way. The picture is them not finished though. The one still needs its second round and they both need their center bead. At least it's a picture right. Well here's to a more eventful weekend. Something has got to give sooner or later, right?

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