Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I thought that I would use St. Patrick's day and all that luck talk to attempt to get some for myself. I had mixed results. Schooling went fairly quickly and we were able to get outside and walk, so good there. I offered a one day coupon code for the shop to try and jump start some sales, not a single nibble, so not so good with that one.

Then I chose to just get tatting. The first go was a complete failure, not sure what I was trying to make, but I ended up with a bit of a triangle blob. Again, we ended at not so lucky. I was pretty determined to do something worth doing though, so I kept at it and failed a second time, but out of that failure I managed to see something worth trying again. I thought this bit had potential and it was actually different than any of my other edgings. I opted to add a second row to the sample piece here, hoping that it would be enough to turn it into maybe a necklace.

I think it actually works. I did end up doing some more adjusting to the design in the final go though. I don't have any photos of that though. I worked on it the rest of the evening and I'm optimistic that I should have a final piece made and maybe even in the shop today.

Of course my luck roller coaster had one more down phase before the day was out. It ended with mysterious car troubles that will likely cost far more than we wish it would. That left me back at worrying over my shop sales and my inability to provide the kind of income to the household I once did, yet again. Fresh edging design aside, I don't think that the luck of the Irish was with me at all. Here's hoping for some good luck soon.

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