Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Little

I didn't get much done yesterday except for starting to run with the oldest child who has to take a physical fitness test in a month. I mean we aren't completely sedentary around here, but I much prefer a nice long walk to running. She has to get ready for it though, so run she must and I needed to help her understand pacing herself, so I ran. It may be the last time I do that though, my knees are killing me this morning.

Other than that aberration which will unfortunately become normal soon, I did get one piece made. I didn't think I had anything left in my sold pieces to tat up, but I looked and found one. It's another older piece based on a vintage edging. I did get the whole necklace made, but I've been trying to stop and take a picture mid-work so that I have something to share online, just in case I don't finish.

I did finally get a small sale overnight. That will give me something to make today. Though it really is one of my easier necklaces so it will be done quickly and I'll be right back to wanting something else to make. I did make more inquiries regarding possible designs to release as patterns and I have a few more ideas. As soon as I feel ready to get them written up, I should have plenty of patterns to choose from. I guess that's it for me this morning, here's hoping for an interesting day.

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