Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

Amazing thing weren't not right around the corner as I had hoped on Friday. I mean, there was nothing particularly bad either, so I suppose that's something. I did try some tatted doodling over the weekend to some spectacularly unimpressive results. So unimpressive that I didn't even bother taking photos before tossing the offending pieces of lace into the trash bin. There was a point during the weekend that I just gave up a little and spent time cleaning the house and even sitting outside for no real reason.

I'm pleased to say that the Grand Daisy Necklace Pattern I posted on Instructables has continued to rack up views and is of this writing sitting at about 3000. In fact that's the only encouraging thing that's happened lately. I still have to pick the other pattern for April and I still need to design this year's special pendant for sale. I know I keep saying these things and not doing them, but I figure maybe if I write it down enough, I'll eventually become compelled to comply. As has been the case for quite some time, the lack of sales in my shop has discouraged my creativity more than it really ought to. I know that I shouldn't need that outside force to inspire me to work, just like an artist isn't suppose to need praise to feel worthy, but let's face it, it most certainly helps. So here's to a week filled with sales, inspiration, and satisfying hard work.

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