Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Well, some days you don't get to do anything you wanted to do. Yesterday was one of those days. Sure I had few solid plans for the day to begin with, but I always like to be able to sit down and get some tatting done. Yesterday was having none of it however. Yesterday, I was reminded of how much of a time commitment homeschooling can take when it wants to. The oldest daughter had to finish her research paper. While she did all of the research herself and most of the writing before yesterday, the final bits of typing, and editing required my direct supervision and input. It basically sucked most of the day away. We still managed to go out and jog, walk, and do some yoga after schooling, but we weren't done until almost 4 and I still had laundry to finish and then make dinner. No time for tatting.

I haven't even thought about what I might get up to today should I get some time to do anything. I suppose all of those things I wrote I would try to get up to yesterday. Man, I really do hope that the Universe surprises me with something good soon. I need an upswing and some solid sitting, tatting time.

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