Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Luck

I had a wonderfully busy day yesterday. After schooling me and the kids jogged and walked for a spell and then I sat down to work. I got the pattern written up for tomorrow and it's ready to go. I still need to get the listing ready for the sale pendant, but that's just a couple more pictures and some listing details. So this is your reminder that tomorrow is International Tatting Day and I will have the new pendant available for a special one day only price, the patterns will also be slightly discounted tomorrow only. So you might want to make some time to pop by the shop sometime before I wake up on Thursday and change the prices back!

I also got a pleasant surprise as I was tatting up a pair of ankle corsets so I'd have two pairs on hand, the other available pair sold. I know, weird. So once I get tomorrow's listings all sorted, it's back to tatting another pair of them. I finished this pair just before I retired for the evening. I'm wondering if I should make two more, just in case, but honestly this selling two in a row thing was an awful fluke. I don't think that sort of thing has happened ever. I can't imagine that kind of luck holds very long, but I'm certainly glad I got a little taste of it. Here's to that luck holding on just a bit longer.

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