Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well yesterday's teacher meeting pushed school back so far that we didn't even bother going out to jog or do yoga. Instead I somehow convinced myself that I was up for more weed pulling in the yard after lunch. Why does only a half an hour of that activity feel like I climbed a mountain the next morning? Who knows, but it seem to almost always be the case.

There were no orders in the shop, nor was I particularly inspired to create anything. I couldn't, however, let another day go by without any tatting. So to that end I doodled up this little bit. It's nothing too interesting nor creative, but at least I picked up my needle and thread and did something.

Now that the most recent teacher meeting is wrapped I have a few weeks of calm before I have to start gathering more work samples and that will hopefully put me in the mood to do the patterns I've been planning. Sometimes it feels too much like my own school work, getting them all written out, photographed and proofread, but I am on a self imposed deadline. Of course as always I'm hoping for more sales to distract me instead, that's the dream.

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