Thursday, March 19, 2015

Second Guessing

Okay, so I lied about getting yesterday's edging turned into a necklace and into the shop. I kept looking at it thinking it needed something else. So in the end, I added yet another row to the design. As I was working on it, I shared it on my facebook page. Someone commented that the top row, the one on the right here looked "wobbly...and uninspired". At first I was just indignant and annoyed at the comment whose sentiment I thought could have been expressed less rudely. Then it had me second guessing myself right out of listing it. I may or may not change my mind at this point. I could tear out the top row and try again. It absolutely has to have one for structure though, so I guess time will tell.

While I was contemplating the fate of that piece, I decided to finally get on designing the small pendant that I will release for sale on International Tatting Day. I came up with something really simple based on some classic designs with hopefully enough of a twist to make it worth purchasing. Remember I offer the pendants on April 1st for a special one day price. The design might stay in the shop, but the price increases the next day.
 Obviously I can't actually show you the design as it's always been a surprise. By always I mean for the last few years that I've been doing this. The very blurry close up of a small section will have to do for now. It's likely that I will also offer the pattern for it on the same day, so mark your calendars.

I guess today will be all about deciding if that edging really is a necklace or can be with some work. While I'm thinking I'll make more of the new pendant so I have several colors to list, please post any requests on that point! Other than that it's just crossing my fingers for some sales in the shop that aren't just patterns to pay for whatever the mechanic eventually says is wrong with the car. Yeah, it's going to be another one of those days.

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Jane McLellan said...

You do know that you can't please all the people all the time?