Friday, March 20, 2015

A Little Done

Another long day of schooling scooted my tatting time all the way back until after lunch. Honestly I didn't even look at the edging turned necklace, turned doubting object. I guess I need a little more time and space so I can look at it objectively. I did work on getting more of the special pendant made and I took yet another cryptic picture of a handful of them.

I think today I might work on getting the pattern put together. It's a simple one, so I'll probably get at least one more ready to put in the shop. Of course with the lack of sales I've been getting of actual finished pieces I'm sorely tempted to do even more patterns in my shop. They seem to be the only things selling recently. Unfortunately I have a feeling that doing so would just encourage the pendulum swing in that direction and I simply cannot make enough money on patterns alone. So I suppose I will maintain the status quo and continue crossing my fingers that things will pick up until another more effective strategy presents itself.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Blogger doesn't like for me to comment! Grr! Anyway, I was trying to comment yesterday that if one person doesn't care for it, so be it. I've decided some time ago that just because I made something that I'm not in love with, doesn't mean I should scrap it and vice versa. There's a reason you did what you did and you liked it so just go with it. I like it and I think the majority of your readers do too. After all, you gotta do what makes you happy! The talk of more patterns always excites me ;) TGIF and have a nice weekend!