Monday, March 23, 2015

An Order

The weekend was mostly adventuring with the family. We hosted a birthday celebration for my niece and nephew, whose birthdays are just a few days apart and that meant cleaning the house as well. So there was cleaning and shopping and one long walk on the bed of the almost completely dry creek nearby, thanks drought.

The one thing that made this weekend just a touch different is that on Friday I actually got an order in my etsy shop. Not just any order either, a custom order and that means I actually had tatting that needed doing. The customer ordered my widest cuff bracelet with beads added to it. I'm almost certain that she assumed they could be added after the fact, as in sewn on, but that doesn't really work well. In fact I even had to adjust the pattern to account for them. Since they are the Swarovski rounds, they are larger and they take up enough space that they would change the shape of the piece. So I got to do some minor design work as well to get them to fit perfectly inside the piece. It was lovely.

It actually took until Saturday to finish, but now I am again fresh out of tatting tasks. Though I do still need to put together the pattern for the Tatting Day piece. I don't suppose that will take too long, so I'll probably stall on it until the day is almost upon us. Well here's to more custom orders or any or any orders really, some artistic inspiration, and hopefully finding out that our car only needs minor, inexpensive repair since we're still waiting to hear on that. Fingers crossed.

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