Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

Back at Monday again, huh? I'm afraid the weekend consisted mostly of adventuring with the family and having other family over to chat and whatnot. Sure, I did some tatting, but nothing new to share. I thought about it on Friday, but I just couldn't settle on an idea. I asked the Internet for some and came to a sad realization. I've made, at one point or another, all the things they requested and they didn't know that those things were in fact sitting in the shop already. There seems to be a large disconnect between what people want to see me make and what they would actually like to own. Oh, well. I guess it's up to me to rely on my own imagination.

I did take a few pictures over the weekend. The camera on the new phone is orders better than the last one. I should really test it with some colored thread though. That was where the last phone camera was the weakest. Anyway here's the fake pumpkin I attempted to carve last week. The drill got away from me a few times and it wasn't until the last few bits that I really got a handle on the right amount of control and the angle and whatnot. I plan on touching up some of the worst spots with paint and sanding some others before this goes on display, but now I don't have to carve a "real" pumpkin if I don't want to.

This is Shade, our oldest cat. He has drool issues, but the new camera made him look so very regal that I had to share the photo.

I've got yet another eye appointment today, hopefully it's the last before I can pick up new contacts. In between that and the morning schooling I think I really will work on either something new for the shop or something old that hasn't been remade in a while. Or I could just end up tatting spiders. October does start tomorrow and I do like to give those little things away in orders. I guess we'll just have to see where the wind blows me.

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Fox said...

Mr. Shade is very handsome.
Fox. : )