Friday, September 13, 2013

Looking Up

Things picked up even a little more right after I wrote yesterday. When I came back downstairs after getting ready for the day there was another sale in the shop of several pairs of earrings. This means not only am I feeling cautiously optimistic about sales, tI also have several tatting tasks that should take me days to complete.

Even though I had an ordered mask that needed making, I took a few minutes after schooling to make sure I got the new necklaces listed. I went ahead and put them all in the same listing since I pay less for that and this lack of sales has made me a little more conscious of the money I spend on everything. Honestly, I thought one or two of them might sell pretty quick because of the way they were received over at the Facebook page, but nothing so far.

After they were listed, I worked on the sold mask for the rest of the day. I should have that finished today barring a really long school day, then it's only remaking earrings. Those usually go pretty fast so I'll likely get a couple more Quandary necklaces made up over the weekend. I was going to at least get that brown and brass one I mentioned made. I'm not sure what over combinations I'll do. I have many more thread shades than I do bead colors and to make matters worse, our local Michael's store stopped carrying seed beads so I won't get more unless I need to make a big supply order. That won't happen any time soon because I simply haven't made enough sales this month to afford to. Man, I started this post on such a high note and now I've dived back into complaining. I'm done, I swear. Everything seems to be looking up and I'm looking up with it.

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