Friday, September 27, 2013

A Mask Returns

Yes, I did spend a little too much time playing with the new phone. I swear I waiting until after schooling to do it. Then the children went of with Grandma for the afternoon and I wondered what to do with my time.

I thought on working on something new, but decided to instead work on something that I haven't remade is probably a year. I loved this mask, but since I stiffen it, there is an extra step involved in its creation. Apparently that was all I needed to put off remaking it until I couldn't even remember how to do it.

So I pulled up all the pictures I had on hand and tried to work out the pattern again. Yes, I am aware none of this would happen if I would just write down the damn patterns when I create them. You know that's not happening anytime soon, so why bring it up.

There were a couple of false starts, but they it all came back to me and I whipped though the piece. It does help when the kids are out and there's nothing too interesting on the television to distract me.

It should be all dry from the stiffening stuff this morning, but I did list it last night. I really didn't think it would sell overnight and it didn't. I might dig though my sold pieces and see if there is anything else I can get remade that I've been putting off. I've been getting lots of questions and wholesale inquires yesterday, but since I don't do wholesale and the small discount I can offer a bulk sale is apparently not so appealing, none of them has led to sales. Somehow it's hard for folks to grasps that making more of something individually handmade doesn't make it easier or faster to create, so why would I want to do more work and make half per piece so someone else can make some money on it, especially if they just sell online, potentially creating competition for myself. Oh well, at least I get nice compliments when they ask.

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Vicky said...

Good for you, sticking to your guns! The world needs to relearn the real value of handmade items!