Monday, September 2, 2013

The White Collar

Ah what a nice long weekend and it's not even over. Well, it's sort of over because a Monday is a Monday and I have Monday things to do, even if the kids have no schooling and the husband has no work. We took a lovely trip out to the coast to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Saturday. Yes, I am aware that we do that often, but we love it out there. There's the cool weather, the Ocean and of course the aquarium itself. We visited because it was the last weekend of the seahorse exhibit and well, we really didn't need and excuse, but that was the one we chose.

Sunday was mostly recovering from the day of walking. It was more crowded than usual and that always makes the trip more stressful than we like it. I did manage to finish the white, embellished collar while we watched Lawrence Of Arabia for the first time in the afternoon. I didn't press it nor get proper's a really long movie with an inordinate amount of walking though the desert. It was dinner time by the time we were finished and there was no sun after that.

Today, despite the vacationing family, I shall get it photographed and listed. I still have yet to sell anything that needs remaking. In fact it's been well over a week since I sold anything I needed to make at all. It wasn't too bothersome as I had these collars to work on, but now that they're done, I sure hope the sales come back. I think I might be out of ideas for a while, or who knows, they do come around when I least expect them. Mostly I just need to really start making some money around here again, I have bills to pay. Here's hoping for a great day, week and month, starting now.

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