Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can't Say It Was Boring

Leave it to a Monday to treat me this way. The cleaning mood that afflicted me over the weekend had not yet abated, so I spent my morning after schooling, cleaning floors. I lugged out the carpet cleaner and took care of the floor in the guest room before the holidays turn it back into a guest room from the storage/treadmill room that it is now. Then it was the living room rug whose dirt content was honestly disturbing.

I couldn't just sit down after that either, there was laundry and random other tasks that kept me running about. Then after lunch I had paperwork to gather to send in to the kids' teachers and I managed to again keep busy with that and finally answering weekend emails until my eye appointment. It was the fastest appointment ever because they had only one trial contact in...not two. Of course this means at least two more trips until I get my new pack of contacts. I know, fun, right?

Once I was home, I did sit down and finish remaking a sold necklace. I was feeling pretty good about all the things I had accomplished in the day. Then I starting making dinner and my vision went wonky. It took me a minute or two to remember that migraine with aura I had about a year ago and realize that this was that aura nonsense again. I warned the family that I could no longer see right and that I was about to go down soon and the oldest child helped me cook dinner. I spent the rest of the evening pretty much incapacitated in a dark room with an ice pack. To all of you out there that experience these things on a regular basis, you have my sincerest sympathies. That was only my second one and I'm feeling fine this morning so hopefully it will be another year before I get to have that joy again.

There are still a couple of pieces in queue to be remade and I have no other plans today. Here's hoping for a nice, uneventful, cleaning and headache free Tuesday with plenty of relaxing tatting.

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Vicky said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine! No fun at all! I've been able to help several of my patients bring their migraines back to a manageable level or eliminate them completely through chiropractic care. Hope yours stay at bay from here on out! Otherwise, sounds like a pretty decent Monday!