Friday, September 20, 2013

This and That

We had a fairly nice day around here. Schooling was wrapped up pretty quickly so we could go to our field trip to the Fire Station. It was a much better time than you might think. Fire safety with a nice bit of humor followed by a tour that ended with the kids getting to use the water hose. By the time we were finished it was noon and after that I actually got a bracelet remade that I had forgotten about. I am apparently still stalling on the necklace I should make.

I decided after that that I needed to make the brown and brass version of the newest necklace. I kept saying I was going to and I kept not ding it. I think it looks much better with the beads as well. I haven't gotten this one up in the listing yet, but I should get round to that some time today.

I also worked on the spiderweb some more. There are only, maybe three rounds left, but at this diameter three rounds is really long. I figured since I hadn't shown a picture of this in a while, I'd add that to the post today as well.

I did get a small sale yesterday, but it was for kitty ears and I have several pairs of those already made up, so that didn't give me anything new to do. Hopefully over the weekend I'll manage to finish the spiderweb and come up with something new and interesting for the shop. Of course it's more likely that I'll get distracted by adventuring and have little to share on Monday, but what can you do. At least my hands are busy.


Madtatter80 said...

They all look nice, and I do love the brown and brass color, It makes me think of the steam punk style :)

God's Kid said...

That necklace looks wonderful with the beads!!! :)