Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Many Crafts

I ended up spending more time cross stitching yesterday than anything else and my fingers paid the price for it. I mean I have calluses from my tatting needle as well as where the thread crosses my fingers, but pushing that tiny cross stitch needle through the tough plastic of the phone case did a number on me. I, of course, managed to break one needle and stabbed myself several times, but the case is done and I went back to tatting.

I opted to not get to the burgundy necklace first, so it will get it's hardware and get listed today, barring any unforeseen circumstances. I had actually forgotten that I had a handful of earrings that needed remaking as well, so I got one pair of those done rather than work on the bigger necklace in queue. Then as evening rolled around I went back to crocheting the white spiderweb that's been sitting around waiting for me to finish it. It was like fiber craft circuit training.

So today I have a few pairs of earrings I could make and the necklace I avoided yesterday. I could also get distracted and just crochet the day away again. I guess we'll just have to see how the day progresses. And just because I forgot to take any craft based photos, here's Isis and Chi Sai, the footless using each other as pillows during our schooling time.


Madtatter80 said...

how cute opposites!

Unknown said...

I adore your kitties, so pretty! Happy tatting or should I say crafting. :)