Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Monday

Mondays are always more work than they're worth. Yesterday was one of those housework kind of days. Laundry and dishes and the yearly onslaught of ant invasions has also begun. Not to mention how long the schooling day was. All it takes is one writing assignment and I can add an hour to class time. All this occupied me until lunch time and then the mail brought me the task for the rest of my day.

You see, me and the husband are finally upgrading our phones after putting money aside for the purpose all year. Instead of selling our old ones, they're being passed down as ipod touches to the kids. We pass down everything rather than get rid of it, but that means the kids need their own cases and the youngest liked the idea of a cross stitched one. The blank case arrived in the mail, she settled on a Nyan Cat design and I went to work on it. I kept working on it all day not saving any time for tatting.

Oh, right...the band-aid. I was making dinner and foolishly attempted to move my electric griddle while it was on. I reached just a bit too far under with one hand, missed the cool plastic and put my finger directly on the heating element underneath. Usually I react so slowly that my injuries are made worse, but I was on the ball with this one and took care of it straight away, while still cooking. It doesn't even hurt this morning so hopefully it won't impede tatting today. I'll probably work some more on the phone case, I have a rainbow to do and some stars. After that though I still have at least a necklace to remake for the shop and if that gets done that burgundy necklace needs to be remade as well. Lots to do, but on a Tuesday everything is just a bit calmer and more pleasant.

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Vicky said...

That is just too cute!